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Here’s a complete rundown of Wally’s key CORE VALUES -
- America Knows Best
- Don’t Trust Newspapers
- Helping People Isn’t Right
- Governement IS The Problem

AND FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER: Rules For Business Are Wrong. And There’s No Such Thing As Gay.

What are your values?
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The rewind rolls on with Clocking Out Episode Three The boss is worried about office moral. Tommy has a few ideas about how to get them all … back in the zone. Sumo Uno. Giant chicken fighting a gorilla. Scuba gear coffee service. Office-wide light saber battle. Luau party in the break room. Just another day that the office. Featuring Maz Saim.Direct Link: http://blip.tv/Wyndotte-Street/clocking-out-episode-three-5936582Theres more on the way music, sketch comedy, newseriesand more …Were at: www.yndotstreet.com.Current Episodes: http://blip.tv/Wyndotte-Street.Thankswww.yndotstreet.com.Current Episodes: http://blip.tv/Wyndotte-Street.Thanks for watching! Please share us with a friend.

The Clocking Out Comedy Series. Watch Current Episodes Here: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0C78899DFC385577

Tommy Jeffers hates his job. So he and his best friend Paul are getting fired.

Written and Produced By Christian Monzon.
Directed by Jason Weissbrod.
Produced By Staci Lawrence

And Stay Tuned For More To Come From Wyndotte Street … “High Desert” … “Vote Wally Panther”

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